Sommerschule 2010

D-SPIN Sommerschule 2010 - English Summary
English Summary


June, 1st, 2010: The extended registration deadline has passed and registration is now officially closed.
(If you still wish to register for the waiting list anyway, you can do so via the registration form.)

The Summer School

From August 30th to September 3rd, the D-SPIN project is hosting a summer school on using language resources in the humanities. The event will take place in Bad Homburg, Germany - near Frankfurt (Main).

This offer is intended for motivated and advanced students, e.g. graduate or doctoral students, in the humanities and social sciences, who have an interest in working with language resources (data collections, archives, related services and tools).

Courses on using language resources are offered, as well as basic introductions on how to integrate own data and resources into archives, in order to secure their sustained availability. Course topics include working with multimodal resources and archives, interlinked lexical resources, but also legal issues. We will also enjoy guest contributions by the projects TextGrid,  eAQUA, and TopicMapsLab.

Please note that most courses are offered in German - except where stated otherwise.

The regular participation fee is 120 Euro including bed and breakfast (Mo-Fr, 4 nights at a youth hostel within walking distance), course participation, and catering. A reduced-price package without accomodation is available for 25 Euro.

The Project

D-SPIN is the German contribution to the European CLARIN-Projekt (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure).

The project D-SPIN provides the basis for a stable and sustainable infrastructure of language resources and language technologies, serving above all empirical research in humanities and social sciences.

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